Insurance Provider Aldagi Deploys Calico Enterprise to Achieve EU GDPR Compliance

Calico Enterprise empowers Aldagi to digitally transform while upholding compliance regulations

San Francisco, March 29, 2023 – Tigera, provider of the industry’s only active security platform for containers and Kubernetes, today announced that Aldagi, Georgia’s largest private insurance provider, has selected and deployed Calico Enterprise. Calico Enterprise enabled Aldagi to achieve EU GDPR compliance, empowering the company on its digital transformation journey.

To better serve customers, Aldagi wanted to offer users access to its financial services online. Aldagi created distributed, multi-tenant applications to serve its broad EU customer base using self-managed RKE clusters. Before the services could be fully online, the applications needed to be EU GDPR-compliant. The company achieved this goal by deploying Calico Enterprise.

  • Granular access controls: Aldagi used Calico’s zero-trust workload access controls to deploy granular egress access controls at the pod level.
  • Visibility of and control over confidential data: Aldagi utilized Calico’s Dynamic Service and Threat Graph to gain visibility and access security for workloads with sensitive data.
  • EU GDPR compliance: Aldagi used Calico’s compliance features to meet EU GDPR audit requirements and achieve continuous compliance.

Calico Enterprise allowed Aldagi to bring its online insurance services to retail and corporate customers and enabled Aldagi to pull compliance evidence on demand without slowing the company’s team from deploying new applications. Aldagi securely deployed 20 new cloud-native applications within three months of deploying Calico Enterprise. The company reduced application launch time from several days to only five minutes, and the time needed to write firewall policies and rules was also significantly reduced.

“We had other options, but Calico Enterprise was by far the best solution to our problems,” said Vasili Grigolaia, Vice President of Engineering at Aldagi. “Adhering to compliance requirements and the ability to pull evidence reports in real-time has helped our teams operate without slowing down the roll-out of new applications. The documentation is in-depth and complete. We actually did not consider any other solutions.”

“At Tigera, we understand the importance of balancing compliance and security with the need for innovation and growth,” said Amit Gupta, Chief Product Officer at Tigera. “Calico Enterprise is uniquely suited to enable companies like Aldagi to achieve regulatory compliance without compromising their ability to rapidly deploy new applications and services. We are proud to have helped Aldagi bring its online financial services to customers securely and efficiently.”

Calico Enterprise is the industry’s only self-managed, active security platform with full-stack observability for containers and Kubernetes. Learn more about Tigera’s work with Aldagi here.

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About Tigera
Tigera provides the industry’s only active security platform with full-stack observability for containers and Kubernetes. The company’s platform prevents, detects, troubleshoots, and automatically mitigates exposure risks of security breaches. Tigera delivers its platform as a fully managed SaaS (Calico Cloud) or a self-managed service (Calico Enterprise). Its open-source offering, Calico Open Source, is the most widely adopted container networking and security solution. Tigera’s platform specifies security and observability as code to ensure consistent enforcement of security policies, which enables DevOps, platform, and security teams to protect workloads, detect threats, achieve continuous compliance, and troubleshoot service issues in real time.

Powering more than 100M containers across 2M+ nodes in 166 countries, Calico software is supported across all major cloud providers and Kubernetes distributions and is used by leading companies including AT&T, Discover, Merck, NBCUniversal, HanseMerkur, Allstate, Box, Siemens Healthineers, Playtech, Royal Bank of Canada, and Bell Canada.

Katherine Benfield for Tigera
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