Tigera’s Growth and Expansion Continues with Opening of New Office in Vancouver

The recent closing of its $30 million Series B funding round will help Tigera meet the growing global demand of its security and compliance solution

VANCOUVER, JANUARY 16, 2019 – Tigera, the leader in security and compliance solutions for Kubernetes platforms, today announced its expansion to Canada and opening of a new engineering office in Vancouver. This office addition comes on the heels of the company’s $30 million Series B funding announcement to help Tigera meet the growing market demand for their software.

“Over this past year, we’ve seen a huge increase in demand for our security and compliance solution and we are recruiting engineers. salespeople, and customer success engineers to help meet that demand,” said Ratan Tipirneni, president and CEO of Tigera.

Tigera is the leader in Kubernetes security and compliance solutions. Their technology is the defacto choice for Kubernetes network security; Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google, and IBM have all selected and embedded Tigera’s technology in their managed Kubernetes offerings. Additionally, the market leaders in on-premises Kubernetes distributions, RedHat and Docker, as well as others, have integrated Tigera into their offerings.

Tigera evaluated 6 locations for their new office across North America and found Vancouver to be the most appealing city to open a new engineering office. Each city was measured on the quality of talent, employee retention rates, ease of commute, and availability of Golang and Kubernetes skillsets.

“Our main focus at the moment in Vancouver is on recruiting top engineering talent that can help us grow exponentially” added Tipirneni. “We look forward to bringing our company, resources, and opportunities for professional and personal growth to Vancouver and being part of the thriving tech ecosystem.”

Modern microservices based architectures are built using containers and orchestrated using Kubernetes and present a unique challenge for existing security and compliance solutions since these new workloads are highly dynamic and ephemeral. Security teams have traditionally used firewalls to secure network traffic – which works well to defend against external attacks but aren’t effective in handling threats from inside the network. Additionally, given the highly dynamic nature of these workloads, traditional audit based compliance models break down and a Continuous Compliance model is required.

Tigera Secure Enterprise Edition (TSEE) and Cloud Edition (TSCE) secures Kubernetes environments and ensures continuous compliance using a declarative model similar to Kubernetes. Tigera provides zero trust network security and continuous compliance for Kubernetes platforms.

About Tigera:

Tigera provides Zero Trust network security and continuous compliance for Kubernetes platforms. Tigera Secure Enterprise Edition extends enterprise security and compliance controls to Kubernetes environments with support for on-premises, multi-cloud, and legacy environments. Tigera Secure Cloud Edition is available on the AWS marketplace and enables fine-grained security and compliance controls for Kubernetes on AWS and Amazon EKS. Tigera powers all of the major Hosted Kubernetes environments including Amazon EKS, Azure AKS, Google GKE, and IBM Container Service. Tigera is also integrated with the major on-premises Kubernetes deployments and is shipped “batteries included” in Docker EE and fully integrated with Red Hat OpenShift. Visit us at www.tigera.io or follow us on Twitter @tigeraio

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