Announcing 1.0 Calico CNI integration for Kubernetes

After lots of hard work, the Project Calico team are excited to announce the 1.0 milestone release of our Calico plugin for Kubernetes.  We’ve had plenty of people trialing Calico with Kubernetes, but this milestone exhibits our confidence that Calico is ready for production Kubernetes deployments.

We’re happy to announce that this release uses the Container Network Interface (CNI). The CNI standard is an open interface for configuring container networking, and has recently been adopted by Kubernetes.  Take a look at the CNI specification for more information.

We’ve put in a lot of effort leading up to this release to make sure the Calico CNI plugin performs well with Kubernetes at scale.  We’ve tested our plugin for reliability and performance at and above the Kubernetes v1.1 scale targets.

This release also includes Calico security policy.  The Calico CNI plugin continues to support experimental annotation-based policy.  This allows you to seamlessly use Calico security policy with Kubernetes.

To get started with our 1.0 release, we’re happy to bring you revamped guides and documentation.  Our new and improved guides include getting started quickly with Vagrant, deploying Calico + Kubernetes on public cloud infrastructure, and deploying a conformance tested Kubernetes cluster on bare-metal.

We’re really excited to have reached this milestone, and we’re equally as excited for what lies ahead.  We’ll keep you up to date with new features and announcements in future blog posts.  As always, come talk to us in our #kubernetes slack channel if you have any questions (you can get an invite to the channel here).

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