Extend Your Fortinet FortiManager to Kubernetes

Companies are leveraging the power of Kubernetes to accelerate the delivery of resilient and scalable applications to meet the pace of business. These applications are highly dynamic, making it operationally challenging to securely connect to databases or other resources protected behind firewalls.

Visibility into Kubernetes Infrastructure is Essential

Lack of visibility has compliance implications. Like any on-premises or cloud-based networked services, Kubernetes production containers must address both organizational and regulatory security requirements. If compliance teams can’t trace the history of incidents across the entire infrastructure, they can’t adequately satisfy their audit requirements. To enable the successful transition of Kubernetes pilot projects to enterprise-wide application rollouts, companies must be able to extend their existing enterprise security architecture into the Kubernetes environment.

In response, Fortinet and Tigera jointly developed a suite of Calico Enterprise solutions for the Fortinet Security Fabric that deliver both north-south and east-west visibility and help ensure consistent control, security, and compliance. Key among these integrations is the FortiManager Calico Kubernetes Controller, which enables Kubernetes cluster management from the FortiManager centralized management platform in the Fortinet Fabric Management Center.

View and Control the Kubernetes Environment with FortiManager

The FortiManager Calico Kubernetes Controller translates FortiManager policies into granular Kubernetes network policies and pushes them out to the individual clusters in all Kubernetes environments. The Kubernetes environment becomes an integral part of the Fortinet Security Fabric and can be seen and controlled from the FortiManager console. Fortinet customers are able to extend their network security architecture to their Kubernetes environments to protect their Kubernetes-based infrastructure.

The Tigera and Fortinet joint solution supports all cloud-based and on-premises Kubernetes environments. With this architecture, Calico Enterprise will map security policies from FortiManager into each Kubernetes cluster in the cloud or on-premises. The joint solution enables Fortinet customers to enforce network security policies for traffic into and out of the Kubernetes cluster (North/South traffic) as well as traffic between pods within the cluster (East/West traffic).

Visibility and Control Across Cloud Infrastructures

Fortinet Dynamic Cloud Security solutions integrated with Tigera Calico Enterprise bring visibility and control across cloud infrastructures, enabling secure applications and connectivity from data center to cloud. Organizations migrating to Kubernetes architectures maintain their security posture and ensure the successful adoption of the Kubernetes platform throughout the enterprise. This results in a collaborative security culture that ensures that security success is jointly owned by Platform, Security, Compliance, Networking and DevOps teams.

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