Join me at PlatformCon 2022 to learn how to secure could-native applications using open source tools

PlatformCon 2022 is just around the corner and I’m excited to be speaking at the conference alongside other platform practitioners and pioneers. My talk, Using open-source software to secure cloud-native applications, will examine—you guessed it—how to use open-source software like Kubernetes to secure cloud-native applications.

I’m looking forward to giving this talk because I think this topic is extremely relevant to the Platform Engineering community. Cloud-native microservices applications bring so many amazing advantages for many software application needs, but they also bring lots of security challenges, and if those are handled incorrectly it can be a minefield. Ephemeral workloads appear and disappear, workload network addressing is transient, and traditional firewalls can’t police the data path effectively.

Open-source orchestration solutions like Kubernetes define an application-centric component called ‘NetworkPolicy,’ but they do not implement it. In my session I’ll discuss how, with a change of tools and mindset, open-source software can help to implement security for cloud-native applications whilst still allowing the user to benefit from all the advantages. I’m excited to help people understand how to get on the right path and give them enough information to make their own informed decision on how to proceed

What’s special about PlatformCon?

PlatformCon is designed to expose platform engineers and DevOps professionals to the experiences and insights of leading platform practitioners. It will dive into platform-specific topics like how Kubernetes and infrastructure as code are used by top performing engineering teams to build their platforms, what the right level of abstraction for your developer workflows might look like, and how engineers can get internal buy-in for their platform.

PlatformCon 2022 will be 100% online, so you can enjoy the talks at your own pace.


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