Learn from industry experts at the Kubernetes Security and Observability Summit—next week!

The Kubernetes Security and Observability Summit is only 1 week away! The industry’s first and only conference solely focused on Kubernetes security and observability will be taking place online June 3, 2021.

During the Summit, DevOps, SREs, platform architects, and security teams will enjoy the chance to network with industry experts and explore trends, strategies, and technologies for securing, observing and troubleshooting cloud-native applications.

What does security and observability mean in a cloud-native context? What challenges should Kubernetes practitioners anticipate and what opportunities should they investigate? Join us to explore these types of questions and gain valuable insight you’ll be able to take back to your teams.

Speakers & sessions

Tigera’s President & CEO, Ratan Tipirneni, will kick off the Summit with an opening keynote address. Two additional keynotes from Graeme Hay of Morgan Stanley and Keith Neilson of Discover Financial Services will follow. Attendees will then have the opportunity to attend breakout sessions organized into three tracks:

  1. Stories from the real world
  2. Best practices
  3. Under the hood

During these sessions, experts from industry-leading companies like Amazon, Box, Citi, EY, Mirantis, Morgan Stanley, PayPal, Salesforce, and of course, Tigera, will share real-world stories, best practices, and technical concepts related to security and observability for Kubernetes.

Session highlights: Under the hood

In the Under the Hood track, industry experts will share technical concepts and insights on topics such as software modularity, multiple data planes, Vector Packet Processing (VPP), next-generation security and observability with eBPF, and securing your Kubernetes clusters against targeted attacks.

  • Chris Tomkins from Tigera will explore the benefits of software extensibility and modularity, and the importance of designing products with data plane adaptability in mind.
  • Jerome Tollet from Cisco Systems will talk about VPP and how to unlock performance and innovation for large-scale Kubernetes clusters.
  • Shaun Crampton from Tigera will show how eBPF provides a richer picture of what’s going on in your cluster, without changing your applications.
  • Manoj Ahuje from Tigera will look at threat actors targeting Kubernetes, adversary behavior, and best practices to secure your clusters.

For more information on sessions and speakers, and to see the session schedule, click here.

Don’t miss out! Register now for next week’s Kubernetes Security and Observability Summit. We hope to see you there.

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