Why you don’t want to miss the upcoming Kubernetes Security and Observability Summit

The inaugural Kubernetes Security and Observability Summit will be a free, live, online experience full of Kubernetes-related security and observability content. On June 3, 2021, industry experts will gather under one virtual roof to discuss trends, strategies, and technologies for Kubernetes security and observability, to help you understand and navigate today’s pressing issues in the world of cloud-native applications.

Why attend?

The Summit is a great opportunity to:

  • Network with the industry’s best security, DevOps, and site reliability engineer (SRE) teams for cloud-native platforms
  • Learn how to secure, observe, and troubleshoot Kubernetes environments
  • Explore real-world Kubernetes security and observability use cases presented by experts from industry-leading companies like Amazon, Box, Citi, EY, Mirantis, Morgan Stanley, PayPal, Salesforce, and of course, Tigera

Who should attend?

SREs, platform architects, and DevOps and security teams will all find value in attending the Summit.

  • DevOps teams and SREs – Learn how to include security and observability in your CI/CD to enable security, observability, and troubleshooting
  • Platform architects – Learn architecture patterns and best practices to secure and troubleshoot cloud-native applications
  • Security teams – Learn how to holistically secure your cloud-native applications following today’s best practices

Speakers & sessions

An opening keynote address from Tigera’s President & CEO, Ratan Tipirneni, will kickstart the day. Ratan’s address will be followed by keynotes from Graeme Hay of Morgan Stanley, who will speak on the advantages and practical challenges of applying modern, policy-as-code (PaC) approaches for a cloud-ready enterprise, and Keith Neilson of Discover Financial Services, who will share Discover’s cloud security journey, including key capabilities and concepts.

Attendees will then be able to join breakout sessions organized into three tracks, where industry experts will share real-world stories, best practices, and technical concepts related to security and observability for Kubernetes.

Session highlights: Best practices

In the Best Practices track, industry experts will share best practices for intrusion detection, compliance automation, securing Kubernetes clusters, and building secure and observable Kubernetes platforms.

  • Garwood Pang from Tigera will explore intrusion detection techniques in cloud-native environments, including various methods for implementing web application firewalls and packet inspection engines.
  • Jeremy Cowan from Amazon will talk about security features and best practices for securing your Kubernetes environments.
  • Bryan Langston from Mirantis will explain how DevSecOps teams can incorporate compliance automation alongside security automation.
  • Carmen Puccio & Mikhail Shapirov from Amazon will show how to build a fully operational Kubernetes platform, leveraging platform-oriented building blocks to address network security and observability.

For more information on sessions and speakers, and to see the session schedule, click here.

Stay tuned for session highlights from track three next week.


Register now for the Kubernetes Security and Observability Summit—it’s only 2 weeks away! We look forward to seeing you on June 3rd.

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