Achieving turnkey Kubernetes security with Calico on AWS

Rafay recommends Calico as the default networking and security solution for customers using the Rafay Kubernetes Operations Platform. No one should run Kubernetes without Calico networking and security.

Rafay’s Kubernetes Operations Platform (KOP) is built to enable customers with varying Kubernetes proficiency to run Kubernetes with ease.

To secure its KOP, Rafay required a scalable, Kubernetes security solution that could:

  • Seamlessly integrate with the KOP’s backend platform, Amazon EKS.
  • Isolate workloads using identity-aware microsegmentation for multi-tenant environments.
  • Eliminate IP exhaustion issues and deliver flexible, scalable, and cost-effective IP address management.

Rafay ultimately chose Calico as the security solution to solve these issues. Learn more about how Calico helped Rafay by reading the case study.