A visual guide to Calico eBPF data plane validation

Validating the Calico eBPF Data Plane

In previous blog posts, my colleagues and I have introduced and explored the Calico eBPF data plane in detail, including learning how to validate that it is configured and running correctly. If you have the time, those are still a great read; you could dive in with the Calico eBPF Data Plane Deep-Dive.

However, sometimes a picture paints a thousand words! I was inspired by Daniele Polencic’s wonderful A Visual Guide on Troubleshooting Kubernetes Deployments. With his permission and kind encouragement, I decided to adapt the validation part of my previous deep-dive post to this easy-to-digest flowchart. Feel free to share it far and wide; wherever you think a Calico-learning colleague might benefit! It includes a link back here in case the diagram is updated in the future.

Calico eBPF data plane validation diagram V4

Next Steps

Did you know you can become a certified Calico operator? Learn container and Kubernetes networking and security fundamentals using Calico in this free, self-paced certification course.

There are additional level-two courses as well. One of them specifically addresses eBPF and the Calico eBPF data plane!

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