Case study: Calico Enterprise empowers Aldagi to achieve EU GDPR compliance

Founded in 1990, Aldagi is Georgia’s first and biggest private insurance firm. With a 32% market share in Georgia’s insurance sector, Aldagi provides a broad range of services to corporate and retail clients.

With the onset of the pandemic in 2019, Aldagi wanted to make its services available to customers online. To this end, the company adopted an Agile methodology for software development and re-architected its traditional VM-based applications into cloud-native applications. Aldagi then began using containers and Kubernetes as a part of this process. Using self-managed clusters on Rancher Kubernetes Engine (RKE), Aldagi created distributed, multi-tenant applications to serve its broad EU customer base.

In collaboration with Tigera, Aldagi details its journey using Calico to achieve EU GDPR compliance, in order to share its experience with the rest of the Kubernetes community.

Vasili Grigolaia, Vice President of Engineering, Aldagi, on his company’s experience with using Calico

Case study highlights

Because Aldagi’s applications are distributed and multi-tenanted, the company faced three major challenges when it came to achieving EU GDPR compliance:

  1. Granular access control
  2. Visibility and security controls for workloads with sensitive data
  3. Continuous compliance reporting and auditing

By deploying Calico, Aldagi solved these challenges and achieved EU GDPR compliance, allowing the insurance company to offer its online services to retail and corporate customers. Calico also enabled Aldagi to provide compliance proof on demand without interfering with the ability of the company’s dev teams to build new applications. Read the case study to learn more.

Read the case study: Achieving EU GDPR compliance in a multi-tenant environment


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