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We are excited to announce a completely free no-risk 30 days trial with our latest product, Tigera Secure Cloud Edition. Click here to sign up and start the trial.

Tigera Secure Cloud Edition (CE) provides compliance and security controls for Kubernetes in AWS and Amazon EKS environments. The solution provides the ability to extract data required for IT audits and enables network segmentation, encryption, and visibility of network traffic.

Tigera Secure CE provides fine-grained policy control. All namespaces, service accounts, and pods can be added to a list of Security Group IDs, enabling definition with which Security Groups are applied to which pods with an Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) model. This capability lets you to use Kubernetes Network Policy in conjunction with Security Groups to secure the entire application with a universal approach to security policy.

Tigera provides additional workload context by augmenting network flow logs with dynamic metadata. These flow logs are sent to Amazon CloudWatch for proper analysis of data about AWS, Amazon EKS and VPC Resources. Security incidents are optionally integrated with a SIEM or threat analytics platform for further analysis and enrichment by your security analyst.

Tigera Secure CE provides accurate network flow and change logs that are required for PCI, HIPAA, SOC 2, and other compliance frameworks. All pod-to-pod traffic can be segmented and encrypted between hosts and nodes to address compliance requirements.


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