Multi-Cloud Security

Unified controls for centralized protection across on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments on any Kubernetes distribution or data plane.

Unified Controls


Uniform enforcement of security policy and compliance requirements for centralized, multi-cluster workload protection and observability

Secure Multiple Clusters

Uniform security controls at the workload level

Any Cloud, Any K8s Distro

A single active security platform for cloud providers and Kubernetes distributions

Choose Your Data Plane

Work with Linux, eBPF, and Windows data planes

Trusted by Customers Worldwide

Calico is the chosen active security platform for enterprises small and large


Purpose-built for on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments, with improved observability for troubleshooting policy gaps and violations.

Simplify and accelerate troubleshooting, even on complex, distributed architectures.

Pluggable Data Planes

Your choice of data planes: pure Linux eBPF data plane, standard Linux networking data plane, and Windows HNS data plane.

Leverage standard primitives that system administrators are already familiar with to enforce networking and security for containers and Kubernetes.

Cluster Mesh

Deploy security policy to protect traffic between pods in multi-cluster environments.

Easily apply security policies to a single application distributed across multiple clusters to meet regulatory and organizational requirements.

Centralized Repository

A single source of information across multiple clusters for monitoring, alerting, authentication, and logging.

Available on Microsoft Azure and AWS Marketplace

Get started right away on Azure or AWS—every Calico component you need to get up and running is ready to go.

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Thanks to Calico Enterprise’s in-depth and complete documentation, there were no surprises during the deployment process. And Tigera’s support team was incredibly prompt—they were very quick to respond and solve all our requests.
Vasili Grigolaia
Vice President of Engineering,
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