Runtime Threat Defense

Plug and play, complete protection against known and zero-day attacks, whether they’re network or container-based. No more alert fatigue.


Plug-and-play container security platform that actively prevents, detects, and mitigates security breaches in container-based applications

Complete Runtime Protection

Detect and block known and zero-day network or container-based attacks

Plug and Play

Instantly detect, block, and mitigate risks across your environment

Active Threat Mitigation

Automatically quarantine infected workloads the moment threats are detected

Trusted by Customers Worldwide

Calico is the chosen active security platform for enterprises small and large

Detect Known and Zero-Day Container-Based Attacks

Detect known malware by comparing process file hashes with known malware signatures.

Detect zero-day threats with out-of-the-box detectors that use advanced eBPF probes to collect data and analyze suspicious behavior across processes, file systems, and system calls. New detectors are continuously rolled out as threats emerge.

Detect known and Zero-Day Network-Based Attacks

Block connections to known malicious IPs tracked by AlienVault and custom threat intelligence feeds, using workload-based IDS/IPS. Stop zero-day attacks with heuristics-based learning of anomalous network activity.

Detect and prevent OWASP Top 10 attacks with workload-centric web application firewall (WAF). Intercept DDoS attacks by blocking requests from malicious IPs.

Plug-and-Play Security

Out-of-the-box detectors and threat intelligence feeds eliminate the need to create and manage complex rulesets.

Customizable threat feeds so you can BYO threat intelligence feed. Tigera’s security research team continuously rolls out new detectors to keep you ahead of the ever-growing threat landscape.

Actively Mitigate Exposure Risks

Instantly quarantine infected workloads with Calico policies. Deploy security policies to avoid exposing your entire organization to threats.

Work with developers and security teams to patch and mitigate threats without disrupting services.

Available on Microsoft Azure and AWS Marketplace

Get started right away on Azure or AWS—every Calico component you need to get up and running is ready to go.

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It’s extremely helpful to know what endpoints your services are talking to. With Calico Cloud in place, we have a much-improved security posture.
Jeff Puccinelli
Director of Infrastructure and Security Operations,
Mulligan Funding
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