Rancher builds innovative, open-source software that makes it easy to deploy and manage containers in production on any infrastructure. Rancher natively integrates and supports Calico Open Source for networking and security


With a shared vision of helping our customers capitalize on the benefits of modern applications orchestrated by Kubernetes, Rancher and Tigera partner to provide our customers with innovative open-source software solutions.

  • Rancher customers who require enterprise security capabilities, have compliance requirements, and need to integrate their Rancher clusters with their existing IT infrastructure will benefit from Calico’s enterprise features including:
    • Support for hybrid and multi-cloud environments
    • Ability to define, promulgate, and enforce a consistent, unified network policy and security model across all Kubernetes clusters, whether managed or self-hosted
  • The Rancher and Tigera integration enables you to lleverage Rancher’s centralized management functionality with Calico’s unified controls for security and observability, to protect and manage all your Kubernetes clusters wherever they run.

How It Works

Install Calico Enterprise as the required CNI for networking and/or security policy on Rancher-deployed clusters. Calico’s unified controls for security and observability will protect and manage all your Kubernetes clusters wherever they run.

Get Started

Install Calico Enterprise on Rancher

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