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Project Calico is an open-source project with an active development and user community. Join us and take part in shaping the future of Kubernetes networking and security.

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Project Calico is first and foremost a community. Calico Open Source, which was born out of this project, is a cutting-edge networking and security solution for Kubernetes and other technologies. The invention and continuous development of this solution would not be possible without the help of Project Calico’s 200+ (and counting) contributors around the world, ranging from private citizens to big tech companies.

We welcome improvements of all shapes and sizes, whether it’s as simple as fixing one character in the documentation, or as complicated as developing the next best feature for Calico. The creative sharing of ideas to shape the future of our community is always welcome and appreciated.

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A very special thanks to the long list of people who have contributed to and helped maintain the project. Additional thanks to all of the Calico enthusiasts who have helped spread the word about Project Calico. It’s the breadth of this community that has helped make the project what it is today!

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