Container Security

Complete security for containers and Kubernetes.
Protect your CI/CD pipeline, Kubernetes platform, and containerized workloads.

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Plug-and-play container security platform that actively prevents, detects, and mitigates security breaches in container-based applications

Reduce Attack Surface

Enforce workload access controls to secure all external and in-cluster communication

Detect & Stop Attacks

Detect and block known and zero-day threats in your containers and network during runtime

Actively Mitigate Risks

Deploy recommended security controls to mitigate exposure risks

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Calico is the chosen active security platform for enterprises small and large

Solution Architecture

Automated Vulnerability Management

Automated and fully integrated CI/CD pipeline security. Continuously scan first- and third-party images for known CVEs and prevent vulnerable workloads from being deployed.

Runtime view of vulnerable workloads to assess risks and deploy mitigating security controls to minimize blast radius.

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Kubernetes Security Posture Management (KSPM)

Continuously monitor Kubernetes configuration to detect and remediate compliance violations.

Create accurate CIS benchmark reports to identify Kubernetes misconfigurations. Deploy recommended remediation tactics to mitigate risks.

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Zero-Trust Workload Access Controls

Secure access from individual pods in Kubernetes clusters to external resources, including databases, internal applications, 3rd-party cloud APIs, and SaaS applications.

Deploy granular workload access controls using DNS egress policies to enforce controls and NetworkSets for access control using IPs/CIDRs.

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Runtime Threat Defense

Detect known and zero-day container and network-based threats in clusters, nodes, pods, and services.

Secure applications with a workload-centric WAF, IDS, and IPS solution to detect application-layer attacks and known suspicious IPs/domains.

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Observability and Troubleshooting

Graph-based visualization of Kubernetes deployments, including images, pods, namespaces, and services.

Built-in troubleshooting capabilities to identify and resolve security and compliance gaps, performance issues, connectivity breakdown, anomalous behavior, and security policy violations.

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Compliance controls as code to ensure consistent compliance enforcement across all environments. Generate detailed compliance proof on demand.

Achieve compliance with regulatory and custom compliance frameworks, including SOC 2, HIPAA, GDPR, and more.

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Policy Lifecycle Management

Create, test, stage, deploy, and manage security policies.

Deploy recommended policies with a single click. Enforce hierarchical policy tiers and get real-time policy evaluations.

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Available on Microsoft Azure and AWS Marketplace

Get started right away on Azure or AWS—every Calico component you need to get up and running is ready to go.

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eHealth struggled with visibility and containerized workload controls, and saw limited ROI with its previous security tool. We chose Calico, Tigera’s container and Kubernetes security platform, as it scored the highest on our Gartner-based scoreboard. We’re extremely pleased with our decision.
Anburaj Raju
Sr. Staff Application Security Engineer,
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