Calico Enterprise enables live view of cloud-native apps deployed in Kubernetes

We are happy to announce that the latest release of Calico Enterprise delivers unprecedented levels of Kubernetes observability! Calico Enterprise 3.5 provides full-stack observability across the entire Kubernetes environment, from application layer to networking layer.

With this new release, developers, DevOps, SREs, and platform owners get:

  • A live, high-fidelity view of microservices and workload interactions in the environment, with the ability to take corrective actions in real time
  • An easy-to-understand, action-oriented view that maintains correlations at the service, deployment, container, node, pod, network, and packet levels
  • Kubernetes context for easy filtering and subsequent analysis of traffic payloads
  • A Dynamic Service Graph representing traffic between namespaces, microservices, and deployments for faster problem identification and troubleshooting
  • An interactive display that shows DNS information categorized by microservices and workloads, to determine whether DNS is the root cause of application connectivity issues
  • The ability to customize the duration and packet size for packet capture
  • Application-level observability to detect and prevent anomalous behaviors

For more information, see our official press release.

Are you a Calico Cloud user? Not to worry—these same features are now available in Calico Cloud, too.

To learn more about new cloud-native approaches for establishing security and observability with Kubernetes, check out the early release of this new O’Reilly eBook, authored by Tigera.

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