Calico version 0.16 released

As I said in my post earlier this month, the Calico team has been upgrading Calico to use etcd as its underlying data store and API transport.  This provides the following benefits:

  • Easier integration for HA / multi-instance orchestrator plug-ins.
  • The ability to define richer and more flexible security policy.
  • Closer architectural alignment with our Docker (and other container) integration which already uses etcd as a datastore for some of its configuration.

Last Monday, we merged our etcd changes into the master branch on GitHub and, since then, we’ve been putting the code through its paces, preparing updated documentation and packaging a new etcd based release.  This is now released as Calico version 0.16, which includes Debian packages of Calico using the etcd data store for Ubuntu 14.04.

We’ve also updated our documentation, with more information about the updated architecture and the definition of the data model.

As always, if you have any questions please get in touch on our mailing list, or via GitHub.

[As noted in my previous post, we don’t support live upgrade between previous versions of Calico and version 0.16.  If you have an existing deployment that you want to move to the latest release, then please get in touch and we’ll help you through the process.]


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