Click, Deploy, Secure: Kubernetes the Easy Way

Figuring out the fastest and easiest way to set up and test a Kubernetes cluster on a public cloud provider, while also including the most secure cloud native networking, is now a problem of the past.

A Kubernetes cluster with Calico secure and simple networking can now be quickly set up on major public cloud providers with an easy ‘1-click’ web application, thanks to a partnership between Tigera and StackPointCloud.

Calico removes the complexities of Kubernetes networking and ensures that Kubernetes is production-ready and StackPointCloud provides a simple web-based application to install and manage new Kubernetes clusters, pre-configured with Calico networking to each node.

With the default installation, Kubernetes pods will now receive IP addresses on the underlying network.  And, unlike most other Kubernetes installations, the new Kubernetes Network Policy API will work out of the box.  Developers just need to set ingress isolation to be ‘default-deny’ and then can easily apply policies to describe connectivity requirements between pods, based on standard label selector semantics.

Matt Baldwin, CEO of StackPointCloud had this to say:

Combining and Calico in one, simple solution allows users to build a Kubernetes cluster that is brought up with the most secure IP communication between containers on a pure Layer 3 network. This ensures customers have a secured environment at the birth of the cluster, obviating the need to perform any manual steps after the fact — security from the beginning.

Ready to get started using Kubernetes and Calico?  Make it as easy as 1,2,3 with the new simple set up for Amazon and Google clouds.

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