Introducing our brand new (and free!) Calico Azure Course

Calico Open Source is an industry standard for container security and networking that offers high-performance cloud-native scalability and supports Kubernetes workloads, non-Kubernetes workloads, and legacy workloads. Created and maintained by Tigera, Calico Open Source offers a wide range of support for your choice of data plane whether it’s Windows, eBPF, Linux, or VPP.

We’re excited to announce our new certification course for Azure, Certified Calico Operator: Azure Expert! This free, self-paced course is the latest in our series of four courses. If you haven’t had a chance to complete our previous courses, I highly recommend enrolling in them in the following order (or as you prefer).

  1. Certified Calico Operator: Level 1
  2. Certified Calico Operator: AWS Expert
  3. Certified Calico Operator: eBPF

What will you gain from this course?

Whether you have little to no experience with cloud concepts, have entry-level DevOps and engineering experience, are keen to learn more about Azure or are already an Azure expert looking for a cloud networking and security solution, you will benefit from this course.

The course provides an introduction to Azure cloud, learnings about managed, self-managed and hybrid cluster deployment using Calico in Azure, and offers hands-on labs to help you explore most of the features in the Calico–Azure integration.

What exactly does the course cover?

  • Week 1
    • Introduction
    • Get Started With Azure Networking
    • Kubernetes Cluster Options in Azure
    • Kubernetes Networking Options in Azure
    • Kubernetes Network Security in Azure
    • Exposing Services Outside the Cluster
    • Lab Setup
    • Knowledge Check
  • Week 2
    • Introduction
    • Deploying AKS kubenet with Calico
    • YaoBank Deployment
    • Cluster Security
    • Lab Cleanup
    • Knowledge Check
  • Week 3
    • AKS Deployment Azure-CNI with Calico CNI
    • Node Operations
    • Enable Encryption (WireGuard)
    • Multiplatform Setup
    • Securing Windows Workloads
    • Lab Cleanup
    • AKS Bring Your Own CNI
    • YaoBank Deployment
    • Calico eBPF data plane
    • Lab Cleanup
    • Knowledge Check
  • Week 4
    • Self-Managed Cluster Deployment with Calico
    • Calico Installation and Configurations
    • Upgrading Calico
    • Istio Integration
    • Lab Cleanup
    • Knowledge Check
  • Final Exam
    • Final Exam Introduction
    • Final Exam

Ready to get started? Sign-up for our free, self-paced Azure certification course.

Or, if you haven’t already completed the previous courses, we recommend that you take a look at them here.

If you are not ready to be certified, you could learn more about Kubernetes networking on Azure on Project Calico’s YouTube channel, or take a peek at our O’Reilly eBook on Kubernetes security and observability. This book will help you understand why cloud-native applications require a modern approach to security and observability practices, and how to adopt a holistic security and observability strategy for building and securing cloud-native applications running on Kubernetes.

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