Let’s Talk Training… bringing our Kubernetes, Calico and Istio knowledge to the community!

Secure application connectivity is a fundamental part of a Kubernetes installation and can be both exciting and a little intimidating for Engineers and Architects new to the space.

As the Director of Customer Success at Tigera for the past year, I’ve learned a lot working with numerous organizations to help teams design, manage and operate new infrastructures that leverage Calico and Kubernetes. Over time we saw a pattern in these engagements where specific valuable topics and questions kept coming up. Often we were introducing the wider team to Calico and Kubernetes and preparing for production operations or describing Service Mesh and Istio to Architects.

Over the summer, the Success Team and Solution Architects collated all the materials we developed for our Enterprise customers and packaged them into Training courses. We want to enable everyone interested to learn about application connectivity and network policy from the experts at Tigera.

The Training program initially consists of 4 courses:

  • Introduction to Kubernetes and Project Calico
  • Introduction to Service Mesh with Istio and Kubernetes
  • Advanced Kubernetes Networking with Project Calico
  • Kubernetes Networking: Day 2 Operations

We are delivering the courses both remotely (via live, online video-conference) and in a classroom setting (scheduled in downtown San Francisco — or, subject to minimum class sizes, on customers’ premises).

Additional information and schedule can be found here. If you have feedback on our courses and suggestions, please shoot me an email.

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