My week at KubeCon with Team Tigera was incredible!

My week at KubeCon with Team Tigera was incredible and I’m excited to share with you some of the announcements, news and fun we had during the week!

News & Announcements

  • The week started on Monday with an exciting announcement by Tigera that Project Calico now supports application layer policy! This is great news for Calico fans as this new integration of Calico with Istio allows them to deploy a Zero Trust Kubernetes Network. Read the blog here.
  • On Tuesday we publicly announced Tigera CNX via our blog and a press release. For details on Tigera CNX, visit this page which also links to the detailed datasheet. You can see a comparison of Tigera CNX functionality with basic Calico here.
  • We also published an updated website that highlights Tigera CNX along with new resources (white papers galore!) to understand secure application connectivity.
  • Microsoft announced that they will be extending Calico networking to Windows Server via both the Windows blog and the Azure blog

And of course we had an awesome time educating and celebrating with the Kubernetes community.

We’ll be sharing our 2018 events calendar soon. Until then, you can to learn more about secure application connectivity for your cloud native world with Tigera CNX by requesting a demo.

Hope to see you soon.

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