New packages and an award

Today, we announced the release of Calico version 0.10 for Ubuntu 14.04.  New packages are available on and will also be picked up by our Juju charms (see Cory’s previous post for details).  This release includes over 20 fixes that the team have been working on since the Christmas break.  Full details are in the changelog for the release, which is in the usual place on github.

We are acutely aware that while we have new packages for Ubuntu, our Red Hat packages (which we originally based on RHEL 6.5) are still “coming soon” since we added a dependency forcing us to move to RHEL 7.  We have rebased our code for RHEL 7 (which also included rebasing to OpenStack’s “Juno” release) and are going through the final testing of these at the moment.  Our aim is to release these within the next week, but if these are particularly important for you, please contact us on the mailing list.

Releases aside, I’m also very happy to announce that Project Calico has won one of ChannelVision magazine’s 2015 Visionary Spotlight Awards.

On their website, Tara Seals of ChannelVision Magazine writes that “The inaugural Visionary Spotlight Awards competition has been created to honor outstanding products, services and deployments across a variety of communications technology categories”.   You can read her entire post, along with a list of the other winners, on their blog.

Suffice it say, the Calico team are very proud!


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