New report: The state of Calico Open Source 2023

We are excited to announce the publication of our 2023 State of Calico Open Source, Usage & Adoption report! The report compiles survey results from more than 1,200 Calico Open Source users from around the world, who are actively using Calico in their container and Kubernetes environments. It sheds light on how they are using Calico across various environments, while also highlighting different aspects of Calico’s adoption in terms of platforms, data planes, and policies.

Report highlights

The report shows that Calico continues to be a pivotal part of the container and Kubernetes ecosystem, finding large-scale adoption across major Kubernetes platforms.

  • Calico Open Source is mainly used for Kubernetes networking and security
    • 63% are using Calico as a security policy engine on top of an existing CNI
  • The top 3 Calico capabilities driving user adoption are its scalable networking, security policies and interoperability across different environments
  • Calico users are using a combination of data planes including eBPF, standard Linux and Windows
    • 16% of respondents use Calico’s newer eBPF data plane
  • Calico policy creation and deployment is driven by the need for workload access control and secure egress access
    • 85% of users need to achieve network segmentation and protect east-west traffic

Calico by the numbers

Calico by the numbers

Why read the report?

Whether you’re a current or future Calico user, our report will help you understand how your peers are using Calico across various environments, as well as how widely adopted Calico Open Source is. You’ll also come away with a sense of the vibrant and active community at the heart of Project Calico.

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