OpenStack Liberty – now with added Calico

Today sees the release of “Liberty” – the second OpenStack release of 2015 and the 12th major release of the project.  It’s always amazing to see how well the enormous OpenStack community comes together to pull off these major releases every six months.

As we said last month, this is a particularly exciting release from a Calico perspective as Liberty is the first OpenStack release that incorporates everything we need for Calico in the main codebase.  This means that, with Liberty, you no longer need any Calico specific patches to Nova or Neutron.

Now that Liberty is released, we’ll be working hard to update our packaged install mechanisms for Red Hat and Ubuntu, but in the meantime if you want to try Calico on a Liberty based system, then you can do so using our DevStack Calico plug-in.  See for more information on getting this up and running.

Looking forward, there’s no time to rest as all eyes turn to discussion of the next OpenStack release, Mitaka.  The traditional kick-off for the next release cycle is the semi-annual OpenStack summit, which is taking place in Tokyo in later this month.  As you’d expect, the Calico team will be out in force at the summit, so please let us know if you’d like to meet up.  Our contact page gives you lots of options to touch base with us, but we’re finding our “calico-users” slack channel a particularly effective way to engage with the team and the community.  Go to to get an invite and then jump into the #openstack channel and let us know if you’ll be in Tokyo and want to chat.


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