Primetime Kubernetes with Kismatic + Calico

There has been a lot of talk about enterprises embracing Kubernetes and I am happy to report that the talk is quickly shaping into action!  As users start shifting from lab to production, the support provided by ecosystem partners is critical to ensuring a successful ‘primetime’ deployment.  

Months ago we started seeing an accelerated pace of adoption for Calico in enterprise Kubernetes deployments.  One company that we started working closely with on joint user engagements was Apprenda.  And, after an extended period of successful cooperation, Apprenda just announced that they selected Calico as the default secure cloud native networking solution for their unified enterprise Kubernetes stack, Kismatic Enterprise Toolkit.

Joseph Jacks, Apprenda’s Senior Director of Product Management, Kubernetes Platform Engineering had this to say:

After a rigorous analysis of the most actively maintained and leading alternatives, Apprenda concluded that Calico should be a default requirement for production-grade Kubernetes deployments in the enterprise.  Consequently, our launch of Kismatic Enterprise Toolkit provides first-class integration and configuration of Calico in a highly available manner along with the best practices provided by Tigera.  We could not be more excited about this close partnership.

We are just as excited to be partnering with Apprenda and look forward to helping enterprises move beyond the lab into primetime!

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