What’s new in Calico v3.11

We are very excited to announce Calico v3.11. Thank you to all of the contributors to this release! For detailed release notes please go here. Below are some highlights from the release.

Support dual stack pod IPs

Native support for both IPv4 and IPv6 is known as “dual stack” and Kubernetes recently added alpha-level support for this in versions 1.16 and 1.17. With this v3.11 release, Calico now supports the new Kubernetes APIs for dual stack! This allows you to use both IPv4 and IPv6 for your cluster pods.

For more information on enabling dual stack, please see the howto documentation.

Calico for OpenStack enhancements

Calico for OpenStack now supports etcd authentication with etcd v3.3.11 and later. We previously supported etcd authentication with the user name being specified by a TLS client certificate, but that was realized to be insecure, and etcd authentication with HTTP/JSON now requires a different approach, for which we have added support in this release.
We’ve also added more detailed logging in various scenarios where Calico for OpenStack components see errors in working with the etcd cluster.

Learn more

To find out more details about all the features and changes in Calico v3.11, check out the full release notes. Or, try it out in few minutes by following the quickstart guide!

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