What’s new in Calico v3.4

We are very excited to announce Calico v3.4. Here are some highlights from the release.

Advertising Kubernetes services over BGP

With Calico v3.4, you can now advertise Kubernetes service cluster IPs over BGP. By configuring Calico to peer with BGP routers outside the cluster, those routers, in addition to any further upstream devices, will be able to access services on the Kubernetes cluster directly, without the need for a dedicated load balancer or ingress node. See our documentation for further details on this feature.

Support for native Azure networking

Calico can now provide network policy enforcement on top of native Azure networking using the Azure CNI IPAM plugin. Check out the acs-engine documentation to get started on creating your own Kubernetes cluster on Microsoft Azure.

Host * endpoints

Calico v3.4 has support for a new type of HostEndpoint that allows you to protect the whole host rather than a specific interface. In this release, only pre-DNAT policy is supported, which is suitable for securing Kubernetes NodePorts from all interfaces (and even from local pods).

Learn more

To find out more details about all the features and changes in Calico v3.4, check out the release notes. Or, try it out in few minutes by following the Quickstart guide!

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