Tigera CNX

Secure application connectivity platform

Tigera CNX is the first secure application connectivity solution designed from the ground-up for cloud native environments, including multi-cloud deployments, that also connects and protects legacy applications running on virtual machines and bare metal hosts. CNX provides a complete packaged solution for secure application connectivity, including management, security, service mesh and networking.

Zero Trust Security

  • Protect your applications against threats without relying on assumptions about the network, infrastructure and workloads.
  • Apply policies dynamically in real-time to protect against internal and external threats

Operational Simplicity

  • Turn the complex, opaque SDN model of network virtualization and security on its head. CNX leverages a flat IP networking model and proven kernel routing features for optimal reliability and visibility.
  • Leverage powerful operational tools required for visibility, rapid problem diagnosis and resolution

Multi-Cloud and Legacy Platforms

  • Deploy in a multi-cloud environment with connectivity and label-based policies that work across legacy and modern cloud platforms
  • Ensure that modern applications can co-exist with legacy applications

Enterprise Control & Compliance

  • Ensure hierarchical, access-controlled policy controls that integrate with existing organizational processes to meet internal and external compliance requirements.
  • Enforce filtering and encryption at multiple levels throughout the application connectivity stack using Tigera’s ZT-Auth™ technology

Designed for Cloud Native

  • Application-oriented security separated from infrastructure

  • Multi Cloud – works across public clouds, private clouds & orchestrators

  • Distributed, scalable control plane

  • Built on leading open source technologies

Benefits for You

Tigera helps you get into production smoothly and quickly no matter your role.


Cloud / Network Architect


Application Developer


DevOps and SRE


Security Engineer

Cloud / Network Architect

Whether providing containers as a service or deploying a specific application, architects need to establish a stable, manageable, and secure platform that meets enterprise security and governance requirements. And architectures need to embrace a diverse world of microservices, containers, VMs, private and public clouds, as well as bare metal hosts. Tigera CNX complements your in-house networking infrastructure to help establish the optimal cloud architecture with connectivity and label-based policies that work across legacy and multi cloud environments.

Application Developer

Applications need to move into production without the worry about the complexities of underlying  infrastructure while ensuring security irrespective of where the app eventually runs in a multi cloud world. Tigera CNX enables you to focus on writing apps without concern about the infrastructure and without implementing network security inside the app. CNX’s simplicity facilitates troubleshooting, allowing you to get up and running without hassles.

DevOps and Site Reliability Engineers (SRE)

DevOps teams struggle to maintain a reliable platform for development, test and production while complying with enterprise security mandates. Tigera CNX helps you meet the uptime, performance and security needs of the development organization with a simple connectivity model that enables you to smoothly upgrade, monitor and troubleshoot issues. Tigera CNX’s operational simplicity results in reliability and performance that controls misbehaving internal workloads as well as protecting against application threats.

Security Engineer

Security is a moving target. As attackers get more sophisticated, the approach to network security has evolved, from perimeter firewalls, through segmentation and micro-segmentation, to the current best practice of enforcing access control around each and every workload. It is no longer safe to assume that the network itself has not been compromised, so end-to-end encryption is now a key requirement for secure application connectivity. Security professionals need to ensure consistent security policies wherever and however applications communicate, for both legacy and new cloud native applications. With platforms such as Kubernetes, applications need to comply with policy and ensure that traffic is segmented and secure across private, public, and hybrid cloud environments. Tigera CNX provides end-to-end encryption with access control enforced around each and every workload along with with a single policy model that spans containers, VMs and bare-metal services.

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