Accelerator Package

Get started with security for containers & observability

Meet your organizations’ basic security and observability requirements for containers and Kubernetes to reduce your attack surface, deploy zero-trust workload controls, and implement identity-aware micro-segmentation.

Tigera will provide up to 5 days of professional services and consulting to assist you in implementing basic security controls and observability tools in your environment.

Service Summary


Calico Enterprise (CE)/Calico Cloud (CC) installation for one cluster
Security policy design for implementing identity-aware micro-segmentation
Implementation of up to 25 security policies based on zero-trust design principles
Implementation of up to 3 role-based access control (RBAC)


Calico Enterprise / Calico Cloud deployment recommendations customized to your environment
Repeatable and scalable Calico Enterprise / Calico Cloud deployment workflow
Security policy design that aligns with the customer’s security objectives for containers and Kubernetes
Enablement and knowledge transfer sessions for seamless operations

Project Activities

1. Technical Discovery

Conduct a technical discovery session to identify business requirements, customer environment, and success
Produce a technical discovery document that captures:
• Success factors
• Kubernetes security requirements
• Logging and storage requirements
• RBAC requirements
Produce Project Plan

2. Solution Design

Security policy design workshop for micro-segmentation
Log storage sizing*
RBAC design workshop
Produce Calico Enterprise /Calico Cloud Design Document capturing the following:
• CE/CC deployment design and manifests
• Log storage sizing and manifests*
• Security policy implementation framework and methodology
• RBAC design and manifests

3. Calico Enterprise Deployment

Assist in deploying Calico Enterprise / Calico Cloud for one cluster
Implement security policies (up to 25 policies)
Implement RBAC and integrate with an external identity provider if required (up to 3 RBAC)

4. Testing and Enablement

Test Calico Enterprise functionality and use-cases
Customer enablement

5. Project Closure

Customer sign-off
*Calico Enterprise only
**Some activities above may not apply to all customers. Activities applicable to a customer will be finalized during project planning.

Project Management

Tigera Responsibilities

Provide the customer with a list of designated Tigera resources and their roles and responsibilities.
Work with the customer to determine the project milestones, timeline, and dependencies.
Develop a project plan capturing milestones, timelines, and resourcing.
Schedule a weekly/bi-weekly sync meeting with the customer if needed (during weeks of active engagement).
Provide a weekly project status report to the customer (during weeks of active engagement) for review and approval.

Customer Responsibilities

Provide Tigera with a list of designated customer resources and their roles and responsibilities.
Designate and ensure customer resources are available to work with Tigera on planning, information gathering, design, and implementation activities.
Review and approve the Technical Discovery and Calico Enterprise / Calico Cloud Solution Design documents.
Review and approve the Project Plan.

Service Delivery

Schedule and Location

Professional services hours will be utilized according to the

Service Reporting and Approval

Tigera will provide a weekly project status report during weeks of active engagement. The customer shall provide a

Document Review and Approval

For documents that require review and approval, Tigera and the customer shall follow the following process:
Tigera shall share the draft document with the customer for review and approval.
The customer shall review the draft document and provide written comments or approval within two (2) business days of receipt.
If the customer comments on the document, Tigera shall review and update the document promptly, and this review and approval process will repeat.
The document will be considered approved and final if the customer fails to provide written comments or approval of the document within two (2) business days of receipt.