Cluster Mesh

Learn how to deploy Calico clustermesh for security, observability, and networking in multi-cluster environments

This workshop demonstrates how to use Calico’s cluster federation capabilities to secure workloads across clusters and observe workload communication across clusters. Participants will receive hands-on training deploying the following use-cases,

1. Federated Endpoints – Deploy security policies across federated clusters
2. Federated Services – Kubernetes service discovery for federated clusters

Service Components

Instructor-led training
Concept and hand-on lab modules
Delivered in 2-3 hours


Cluster Federation with Calico Cloud

Federate two clusters using Calico Cloud
Review the service accounts, roles, role bindings, and cluster role bindings required for federation

Federated Endpoints

Implement security policies for federated endpoints
Deploy consistent security policy model across multiple clusters

Federated Services

Deploy microservices for a single application across multiple clusters
Configure federated service for the application
Leverage federated services during cluster failover

Observability for Federated Services

Visualize workloads in Dynamic Service and Threat Graph for federated services
Review traffic flow logs for federated services

Implement Security Policies for Federated Services

Use the Policy Recommender to generate security policies for federated services