Identity-Aware Microsegmentation

A functional framework for finding and fixing security gaps, policy implementations, and compliance misconfigurations

The Calico Cloud Quickstart will help you get a jumpstart on zero-trust workload security for your cloud-native applications. Tigera will assist in connecting your cluster to Calico Cloud, implement security policies, and provide guidance and recommendations to secure your cloud-native application during build, deploy, and runtime.


The Calico Cloud QuickStart covers the following,

Connect a single Kubernetes cluster to Calico Cloud
Containerized workload-based traffic flow analysis for a single application instance
Security policies for a single application instance and namespace scoped policies (up to 10 policies)
CIS benchmark reporting configuration
Additional troubleshooting scenarios for workload-to-workload communication


1. Purchase Calico Cloud Quickstart

Introductory session for requirement gathering and engagement walkthrough

2. Complete Calico Cloud Quickstart requirement gathering document

Customer completes requirement gathering document
Tigera evaluates the document with the customer

3. Connect Kubernetes cluster to Calico Cloud

Tigera conducts a live session with the customer to connect a Kubernetes cluster to Calico Cloud

4. Implement security policies and compliance

Hands-on working session with customer to analyze workload-to-workload communication from Application-level to Networking-level for an application
Recommend how to leverage security policy recommender
Develop and deploy security policies (up to 10)
Configure CIS benchmark reporting

5. Additional use-cases and troubleshooting

Provide a working session on how to troubleshoot workload-to-workload communication and how to secure it.