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Share your passion for Calico Open Source with the Project Calico community

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Are you passionate about Project Calico and its community? Do you recognize Calico’s value in the open-source networking and security domain? If you answered “YES!” and are willing to help other users learn about the Project Calico community, we invite you to become a Big Cat by joining the Calico Big Cats ambassador program.

Meet the Calico Big Cats

What’s involved?

We created the ambassador program to empower community members with resources and tools, and to reward our most loyal and enthusiastic users.

The role of a Big Cat

  • Be a resource for Project Calico community members
  • Help local Calico users learn more about Project Calico
  • Represent the Project Calico community publicly

Big Cat rewards

Big Cats will have access to exclusive perks, such as:

  • Annual swag pack
  • Calico Big Cats exclusive jersey
  • Calico Big Cat Badge to share on your social media

Please note that Ambassador Rewards are granted at the discretion of Tigera, may change at any time, and have no cash value.

How can I become an ambassador?

To participate in the Calico Big Cats program, you must be a Project Calico user and be interested in contributing to the community in one (or more) of the following ways:

  • Speaking at community events
  • Participating in meetups
  • Contributing to Calico content (e.g. answering questions on Project Calico related forums, writing blog posts and open-source code)

By participating in this program, you agree to our term of use along with the Project Calico Code of Conduct.

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Meet the Calico Big Cats

Calico: Pioneering Longevity, CNCF: Pioneering Cloud-Native, Kubernetes: Pioneering Orchestration.

A skilled Senior DevOps Engineer. As a Calico Big Cat, I was able to use my passion, skills, and dedication to make a significant contribution to the community through container and Kubernetes conservation.

Selvam Raju

Selvam Raju Senior DevOps Engineer, HCL Technologies

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Calico Tigera: A DevOps engineer's secret weapon in the cloud-native environment, offering a powerful and flexible solution for network security and management.

An experienced DevOps Engineer. Being a Calico Big Cat, I could combine my passion, knowledge, and dedication to make a meaningful contribution to the community through conservation on containers and Kubernetes.

Athira KK

Athira KK DevOps Engineer, Kyndryl

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Calico: Where Security Meets Scalability in Kubernetes.

With a passion for creating secure and resilient container environments, I believe in simplicity and flexibility of building applications with open source tooling such as Kubernetes, Calico.

Yamini Holla

Yamini Holla Lead Engineer, Lloyds Banking Group

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Calico: Empowering network security and scalability with confidence.

Proficient in cloud security architecture, threat detection, and compliance, I continuously stay informed about the latest advancements in technology and the evolving landscape of security threats.

Abhay Agrawal

Abhay Agrawal Cloud Security Engineer, Standard Chartered

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Calico is one of the most popular k8s CNI projects in China. A lot of people were impressed by its simplicity, stability, and security.

I'm a senior software engineer from Daocloud. Kubernetes contributor and maintainer of the open-source project Spiderpool, I'm very enthusiastic about cloud-native and open-source, Always focusing on Networking, eBPF, etc.

Cyclinder Kuo

Cyclinder Kuo DevOps Engineer, Daocloud

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Calico is my favorite CNI plugin for Kubernetes clusters and the community is great in terms of providing meaningful resources, docs, certifications.

I am a Platform Engineer and working for Cognizant and have build expertise in building secure containerized applications at scale for large enterprises.

Ramanan Mageswaran

Ramanan Mageswaran Platform Engineer - "Cloud| Containers| K8S| IaC| Linux", Cognizant

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Calico CNI - Transforming Networks, Fueling Innovation, and Shaping a Connected Future for All.

Technical Director, Practice Competency Lead, strategist, Technical Advisor, and hands-on individual contributor with an experience of around 20 years in Enterprise Architecture, Cloud Transformation, Digital Workplace, and Modern Application platforms. Raghavendra supports the full business and IT solution lifecycle – strategic planning and design, implementation, and governance. Researches and communicates technology, industry, and market trends guides applications to customers, and develops competency for the go-to-market strategy.

Raghavendra Rathnamachary

Raghavendra Rathnamachary Technical Director, Dell-EMC

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Calico Tigera: Transforming network architectures through open-source innovation. Unleashing the power of scalable, secure, and efficient networking solutions, enabling seamless communication and dynamic workload orchestration in the cloud-native ecosystem.

Senior cloud consultant operating from London, UK with a strong background in Microservices, Open Source tools, and Application Modernization, his primary goal is to assist businesses in speeding up their innovation by assisting them in implementing the integration of cloud and open-source technologies. In addition, he is an eager learner, a public speaker,Kubernetes enthusiast and a community builder.

Santosh Kumar Perumal

Santosh Kumar Perumal DevOps Engineer, Wipro

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Ensuring the integrity of your network and enhancing security within cloud-native environments.

I'm Jahnavi Vetukuri working as a Senior Java Developer. With an unwavering passion for staying at the forefront of Technology trends, and I specialize in web-related technologies. I'm always eager to learn and explore open-source tools and latest technology trends. I have an exceptional ability in simplifying complex concepts and presenting them in an easier understandable way. I enjoy creating technical content and writing technical blogs with a goal to make technology accessible to everyone and promote knowledge sharing with the community. I'm truly passionate about innovation and sharing knowledge in this exciting field.

Jahnavi Vetukuri

Jahnavi Vetukuri Senior Java Developer, Cloudnloud Technologies

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If you don’t have time to do it right the first time. You will Never have time!

Glen Combe is a Cyber Security professional with a career spanning 25+ years. His focus has always been to learn, evaluate,and implement new security technologies to further the business mission. As businesses leveragepublic cloud ,a complete understanding of what your cloud provider solution is from inception to completion is a requirement moving forward. These setups need to be fully secure. Calico has been the tool that Glen has found to be that solution for containerized solution to further the Cyber mission.

Glen Combe

Glen Combe ICS Cybersecurity Professional, Idaho National Laboratory

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Ensuring integrity and enhancing security in cloud environments.

As a technical leader focused on staying on the leading edge of innovation, my specialty lies in web technologies. I'm constantly eager to explore open source tools and emerging trends. An ability to simplify complex topics allows me to present technical concepts accessibly. Beyond my work, I enjoy creating content and writing blogs to promote sharing knowledge with others. Innovation and knowledge transfer are passions of mine in this dynamic field.

Gnanadeep Vetukuri

Gnanadeep Vetukuri Advisory System Analyst, IBM

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Calico simplifies access control for DevOps, SRE, platform architects, security, and compliance teams. It includes native WireGuard encryption support, delivering superior performance with reduced CPU usage.

Janani TV, is a Data Community Leader and Cloud data specialist based in India, deeply passionate about AI, ML, GenAI, Cloud, and Data engineering. She actively engages as a Speaker, Technical writer, and Tech Event organizer. In her free time, she enjoys working on POCs (Proof of Concepts). Believing in equal opportunities for all to contribute and benefit from open-source projects.

Janani TV

Janani TV Cloud Engineer, Tata Consultancy Services

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Guarding your network's integrity and supercharging security in cloud-native realms.

I'm Rajaram Erraguntla working as a CloudOps Lead at a leading FinTech company in India. With an unwavering passion for staying at the forefront of technology trends, specializes in cloud computing and Open-Source Tools. I Have an exceptional ability to simplify complex tasks, excels at making intricate concepts accessible to everyone., I'm also a skilled technical content writer, adept at distilling intricate topics into clear and comprehensible insights, With a commitment to innovation and a dedication to knowledge sharing in the world of cloud technology and IT operations.

Rajaram Erraguntla

Rajaram Erraguntla CloudOps Lead, Fintech Company

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With Calico managing security and access across kubernetes clusters becomes a breeze.

Vivek is a cloud technologist with a mission to create clear, clean and robust cloud-native solutions. A life-long learner always eager to learn and stay current with cloud, devops and technology trends.

Vivek Dhami

Vivek Dhami Founder & Cloud Consultant, Five9s Technology

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Where container networking meets the art of security and scalability, creating a digital symphony for modern cloud-native applications.

I am Nagaswetha Mudunuri, an experienced Cybersecurity and Cloud Specialist. With a Master's degree in Cyber Security and Cloud Computing, I'm well-versed in the latest security techniques. I enjoy sharing knowledge about the newest tech trends and best practices, including Kubernetes security.My goal is to help people navigate the digital world safely and securely.

Nagaswetha Mudunuri

Nagaswetha Mudunuri Cybersecurity Specialist, Dell EMC

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Calico is our selection to be integrated into our Managed EKS offering on AWS, ensuring top-notch security and performance for our customers.

Madhu is an accomplished Principal Cloud Architect and Product Owner (Containers) with more than two decades of experience in the IT industry across different parts of the world. Open-source software (OSS) supporter. Speaker, Digital Leader, and supports global dev communities. He is humbled to serve as an AWS Hero, AWS Community Builder, AWS User Group Leader, DevSecCon Chapter Leader for Hungary, DevOps Institute Brand Ambassador and Chapter Leader, and HashiCorp User Group Leader for Hungary.

Madhu Kumar

Madhu Kumar Product Owner, T-systems International

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Project Calico embodies the true spirit of open-source collaboration, empowering individuals and organizations to build a resilient, secure, and scalable network infrastructure that is essential for modern-day cloud-native applications.

Parth Goswami is a Customer Enablement Engineer at Cloudera, who is passionate about Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). He advocates for open-source literacy and inclusivity, believing that everyone should have the opportunity to contribute to and benefit from open-source projects.

Parth Goswami

Parth Goswami Customer Enablement Engineer, Cloudera

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Calico is one of the most powerful Kubernetes CNI frameworks that simplify network security solutions with a flexible approach.

Saurabh is a cloud architect and SRE with an interest in all things related to cloud, containerization, and automation. He is also a DevOps Institute Ambassador and Google Cloud Champion Innovator.

Saurabh Mishra

Saurabh Mishra DevOps Manager, Vodafone Group

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Calico is an amazing CNI plugin, offering a wide range of security features with an amazing community to support you on your journey!

Andre Atkinson is a highly accomplished IT professional with over 10 years of experience in the industry who is passionate about staying current with technology trends. Andre is dedicated to using his knowledge and experience to help grow the IT community and drive innovation in the field.

Andre Atkinson

Andre Atkinson Senior Cloud Product Manager, Vocus

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Calico is a production-ready container networking open-source tool that you can easily use in AWS, Azure, GCP, and other Kubernetes distributions. Calico is my first choice for any critical production workload in terms of security and performance!

Walter Lee is a passionate cloud, Kubernetes, DevOps, AI/ML, data, web/mobile performance software engineer from San Francisco, USA. He works on speaking engagements, technical writing, and more cloud certification exams in his free time.

Walter Lee

Walter Lee Lead Software Engineer, A Major USA Bank

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Simple, scalable, and flexible—Calico is excellent with a Layer 3 approach and I love the policy-driven network security features. Calico is the best choice for me if I want to automate the secure deployment of new containers. Thank you, Tigera, for creating Project Calico!

Having worked in the IT industry for 16+ years, Stanislav Kolenkin has hands-on experience with some of the most innovative DevOps projects using AWS, Google Cloud, Calico, and other industry-leading niche technologies.

Stanislav Kolenkin

Stanislav Kolenkin Senior Solution Architect, ProfiSea

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With Calico, we are able to provide our clients with enhanced network security, observability, and compliance.

With over two decades of experience in the industry, Edi Recica is passionate about cloud infrastructure and security. Edi also works at Alliander—the largest Dutch electricity and gas distribution system operator (DSO)—as a Solutions Architect within the system operations department.

Edi Recica

Edi Recica Solution Architect, Luminis

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Calico helps me create secure Kubernetes environments.

Working in IT since 1992. Always had a focus on the infrastructure side of IT. Passionate about virtualization, cloud (native), and Kubernetes. Currently working as the lead cloud architect of the Azure-based cloud platform of the City of Amsterdam.

Jurgen Allewijn

Jurgen Allewijn Cloud Architect, Luminis

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Project Calico is my go to CNI plugin for Kubernetes Infra and the community is literally awesome with great learning resources, documentation and active collaboration!

Ompragash has a panache for automation and works for Harness as a Senior Software Engineer. At home you will find him busy tinkering with Ansible or writing pipelines automating complex routines. He can be found on GitHub @ompragash.

Ompragash Viswanathan

Ompragash Viswanathan Senior Software Engineer, Harness

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Kubernetes Network Security is a GO, when you leverage Tigera’s Calico!

Geoff Burke has 20 years of IT experience, 12 years in Data Protection. He is a Calico Big Cat Ambassador, Veeam Vanguard and a Veeam Legend. Geoff is always looking for new educational resources for continuous learning and has CKA, CKS, CKAD, KCNA, Calico Operator Level 1 and Calico Operator Azure expert certifications.

Geoff Burke

Geoff Burke Community Manager, Object First

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