Calico Enterprise for Windows

Security and Observability for Kubernetes Deployments on Windows


Most enterprises have a Windows footprint, and Windows workloads are increasingly being modernized and migrated to containers and orchestrated with Kubernetes. Since the release of Kubernetes 1.14, we have experienced an increasing demand for support for Windows nodes. Enterprise users want to deploy a single solution for Kubernetes security and observability that works across both Linux and Windows workloads.


In collaboration with Microsoft, Tigera has leveraged the latest Windows HNS (Host Network Service) platform capabilities to deliver seamless security and observability for cross-platform Linux/Windows Kubernetes deployments on Calico Enterprise (as well as the open-source Project Calico platform). Windows containers provide a modern way to encapsulate processes and package dependencies, making it easier to apply DevOps practices for Windows applications. Now you can automatically apply and enforce security policy in Windows Kubernetes Deployments.

Easily Move Windows Workloads into Kubernetes

Calico Enterprise for Windows lets development teams move Windows workloads such as .NET applications into a Kubernetes environment while Calico handles the security and observability across both Windows and Linux. Calico Enterprise for Windows also leverages a number of built-in Microsoft Windows Server networking features to deliver open networking interoperability and secure host-based policy enforcement, including host networking services (HNS), and virtual filtering platform (VFP).

Why Calico Enterprise for Windows?

Calico Enterprise provides a common security model that works across heterogeneous environments. Operationally, that means it will work with any public cloud service in a hybrid or multi-cloud configuration, and with any Kubernetes distribution, and with VMs and bare metals. Most of the largest public cloud providers and Kubernetes distributions have chosen our solution and have worked with us to tightly integrate with it. Because Calico Enterprise can run any cloud, and on any distro, it is the logical choice for cloud architects and platform teams who want a solution that will easily adapt as their requirements change over time.

Pluggable, Future-Proof Data Plane for Windows, Standard Linux, and eBPF

Calico Enterprise was designed from the start with a fully pluggable data plane that supports Windows, standard Linux and eBPF, so customers can choose the right data plane for the right job, using a single solution that works across Windows and Linux. This is another way Tigera is future-proofing our customers’ investment in Calico Enterprise and showing our commitment to providing the most advanced, scalable, and reliable solutions for Kubernetes users.

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