Calico for Windows

Network and Enforce Network Security Policy in Windows Kubernetes Deployments


Automatically Apply and Enforce Network and Security Policy in Windows Kubernetes Deployments

In collaboration with Microsoft, Tigera has leveraged the latest Windows platform capabilities to deliver seamless networking and network policy support for cross-platform Linux/Windows Kubernetes deployments on the open-source Project Calico platform. Windows containers provide a modern way to encapsulate processes and package dependencies, making it easier to use DevOps practices for Windows applications.

Easily Move Windows Workloads into Kubernetes

Calico for Windows lets development teams move Windows workloads such as .NET applications into a Kubernetes environment while Calico handles the networking and network security across both Windows and Linux. Calico for Windows leverages a number of built-in Microsoft Windows Server networking features to deliver open networking interoperability and secure host-based policy enforcement, including host networking services (HNS), and virtual filtering platform (VFP).

Why Calico for Windows

Calico originated on Linux and performs two key functions: Network connectivity for dynamic workload endpoints, and security policy applied to those network connections. Calico is the industry’s de-facto standard for Kubernetes networking and network security, having been integrated into all major Kubernetes distributions including offerings from AWS, Docker, Google, IBM, Microsoft, and Red Hat. Every day, more than 150,000 Calico-based Kubernetes clusters are operational in the world’s largest production Kubernetes clusters.

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