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Kubernetes: Anatomy of the Shopify Attack & How to Defend Your Infrastructure

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The potential attack on Shopify’s Kubernetes-based infrastructure grabbed headlines last year. This highlights the fact that Kubernetes managed applications require a different approach to network security. The differences between the major cloud providers and the complexity of mixed/hybrid-cloud networks only further complicate the issue and make attack surfaces larger and open to a wider range of attack vectors.

It’s no wonder engineers across various disciplines are hungry to understand how attacks can happen and what they can do to implement security measures to stop them.

Join Garwood Pang, Vulnerability Researcher at Tigera, for this webinar where you will:

  • Follow step-by-step as he launches an attack similar to the Shopify vulnerability but adding to it with previously known breaches, bug reports, and blog posts
  • See how the same attack can be detected and stopped before the network is compromised
  • Learn how a zero-trust security model and a network security solution explicitly made for Kubernetes Infrastructure can limit virtually all attacks, regardless of vector

This on-demand webinar is ideal for security engineers, platform engineers, DevOps engineers, network engineers, and any other technical role involved in ensuring the security of a Kubernetes orchestrated infrastructure.

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