Introducing the Arista AnyCloud Platform with Tigera Secure and Red Hat OpenShift

In her recent blog, Jayshree Ullal, President and CEO of Arista Networks, defined the term Tech Time and described the acceleration towards real-time as our industry progresses towards an era of any-cloud and AI applications across all industries. At Tigera we have tremendous respect for what Jayshree and her team have accomplished and recognize that navigating a company through real-time industry progression (tech time) is not for the faint of heart.

Arista has executed well, keeping up with tech time, and their announcement of the Arista AnyCloud Networking platform demonstrates their ability to innovate to outpace any other network software stack.

The AnyCloud Platform extends Arista’s network software stack to Kubernetes, integrated with the enterprise Red Hat OpenShift platform while securing traffic and providing compliance evidence reports using Tigera Secure Enterprise Edition. Tigera provides zero trust network security and continuous compliance for Kubernetes platforms.

Businesses are rapidly adopting cloud, cloud-native technology, and AI solutions. These market forces are where Arista is investing their innovation, to help their customers adopt this technology faster.

We at Tigera share a common philosophy with Arista on how to address the infrastructure challenges that large enterprises face as they prepare for a world of containerized workloads orchestrated by Kubernetes and running on multi-cloud and hybrid infrastructure. We are proud to partner with Arista to help deliver this tremendous innovation.

Tigera’s technology is ubiquitous within the Kubernetes landscape. All the four large public cloud vendors (AWS, Azure, Google & IBM) have chosen Tigera’s solution for Network Security for their own managed Kubernetes Services. Docker EE 2.0 Kubernetes ships with Tigera’s solution bundled (batteries included) and we are a certified & fully integrated solution for RedHat OpenShift. With this partnership, Arista will extend their reach throughout the Kubernetes ecosystem.

We are thrilled to be partnering with Arista to serve Enterprise customers building new application architectures on multi-cloud & hybrid infrastructure and are honored to work with the brilliant team at Arista.


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