Tigera Secure Enterprise Edition Achieves First-to-Market Certified Docker Enterprise Kubernetes Plug-in

We’re tremendously excited that at DockerCon earlier today in Barcelona, Docker announced that Tigera was among the first group of companies to achieve Docker Certified status for Docker Enterprise, the industry-leading container platform.

Based on the close collaboration between our teams to enable Tigera Calico as the “batteries included” Kubernetes networking solution for Docker Enterprise, we are able to meet the network security and compliance needs of enterprise users with Tigera Secure Enterprise Edition.

Building on our core Calico technology, Tigera Secure’s capabilities include Zero Trust Network Security, visibility and traceability into all container network flows (with extensive container-specific metadata), enterprise controls such as hierarchical policy tiers with role-based access control, and continuous compliance audit reports.

There is a natural and very strong fit between Tigera’s focus on policy-driven network security and compliance, and Docker Enterprise’s built-in policy-based security features. We are seeing many Docker Enterprise customers adopting Kubernetes looking to Tigera as a key component of their security and compliance strategy, and expect that interest to accelerate with this certification news.

With the integration now complete, we are working with a number of joint customers on trials of the integrated Tigera-Docker solution, and we are excited to offer these customers an integrated support offering where both companies’ customer success teams collaborate on joint deployments.

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