What’s New in Calico v3.8

We are very excited to announce Calico v3.8. Here are some highlights from the release.

IPAM utilization reporting

You can now view IP address usage for each IP pool using calicoctl. This allows you to more easily manage the IP space in your cluster, providing a simple way to see which IP pools have addresses available and which are running low. See the calicoctl reference documentation for more detailed information on how to use this feature.

Istio integration improvements

Calico v3.8.0 includes several improvements to its integration with Istio for application layer policy enforcement. Calico now supports Istio v1.1, and includes the necessary drivers and volumes in calico/node by default. To enable, simply modify the default felix configuration.

Explicit source IP for outgoing NAT

You can now specify an exact address to use for outgoing SNAT when workloads are sending traffic outside of the cluster. This enables better support for hosts with multiple interface addresses. For example, you may want to ensure that SNAT occurs using a publicly routable secondary IP address on your primary interface.

Learn more…

To find out more details about all the features and changes in Calico v3.8, check out the full release notes. Or, try it out in few minutes by following the Quickstart guide!


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