Visibility and Troubleshooting

Quickly and Easily Resolve K8s Connectivity Issues

Being able to quickly and effectively troubleshoot connectivity issues for enterprise networks is an absolute must. Downtime is disruptive and expensive, negatively impacting your business and your customers. Your company has invested heavily in diagnostic and troubleshooting tools for your IP environment. But what about Kubernetes? Conventional network monitoring tools do not understand Kubernetes context, and are not effective when applied to a Kubernetes environment. The inability to effectively monitor makes troubleshooting extremely difficult, if not impossible.

Challenge: Monitor and Troubleshoot Dynamic K8s Workloads

Lack of visibility into Kubernetes means that connectivity issues cannot be easily resolved. Without visibility, when a connection is denied, it’s nearly impossible to identify which network security policy denied the traffic. You can manually log into nodes and review system logs, but this is neither practical nor scalable in most cases. Alternatives like host-based monitoring don’t work either. The data is typically logged as “5-tuple” data; the source and destination IP and ports, and the protocol, but doesn’t have any Kubernetes context.

Gain Faster Time to Root Cause

Distributed applications are extremely hard to troubleshoot, sometimes requiring Security, Networking, Platform, DevOps & Dev teams to collaborate to debug. You need a way to quickly pinpoint the source of any connectivity issue. Or better yet, gain insight to avoid connectivity issues in the first place. Calico Enterprise provides comprehensive network visibility. It streamlines troubleshooting and reduces time to root cause in complex Kubernetes environments.

Remove the Security Blocker: Get End-to-End Visibility, from Pod to Client

Calico Enterprise provides automated end-to-end management that simplifies network policy administration. Monitor and log all connection attempts inside and outside the cluster. Get full visibility into Kubernetes network flows and quickly debug connectivity issues. Flow logs are graphically displayed on a Flow Log Visualizer with the context required to debug connectivity problems and security issues: Namespaces, Labels, which Network Policies evaluated the traffic, and whether that policy accepted or denied the connection. Finally, a fast and simple way to monitor, detect, troubleshoot and resolve Kubernetes connectivity issues!

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