Calico & Calico Enterprise: Now Available as AWS Quick Starts

As an AWS Advanced Technology Partner with AWS Containers Competency, Tigera is thrilled to announce that Calico and Calico Enterprise are both now available as AWS Quick Starts. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, an AWS Quick Start is a ready-to-use accelerator that fast-tracks deployments of key cloud workloads for AWS customers. Described as “gold-standard deployments in the AWS Cloud”, Quick Starts are designed to reduce hundreds of manual procedures into an automated, workflow-based reference deployment.

With Calico network policy enforcement, you can implement network segmentation and tenant isolation, which is especially useful when you want to create separate environments for development, staging, and production. Calico Enterprise builds on top of open source Calico to provide additional higher-level features and capabilities, and integrates with your existing AWS tools including security groups, Amazon CloudWatch, and AWS Security Hub so you can leverage existing processes and workflows in your EKS or Kubernetes infrastructure.

Everything you need to take advantage of Calico and Calico Enterprise in these Quick Starts is installed and configured in your Amazon Elastic Kubernetes (Amazon EKS) cluster, enabling you to take advantage of a rich set of Kubernetes security, observability, and networking features that Tigera provides in these Quick Starts. For example,

Learn more about the capabilities of the Calico and Calico Enterprise AWS Quick Starts in this AWS blog.

To get started, visit the AWS Quick Start pages for either solution:


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