Pod-level Access to External Resources

Integrate Kubernetes with the Enterprise

No matter where you are in your Kubernetes journey, sooner or later you will want to connect your k8s cluster to external resources like databases, cloud services and third-party APIs. A majority of existing workloads are non-Kubernetes, and at some point, your Kubernetes applications will need to communicate with them. However, before you can do that your Security team as well as database and service owners, will require you to limit access to specific individuals or groups. And nearly every application has dependencies external to Kubernetes that require some level of access control such as databases, APIs, and third-party applications.

Challenge: Control Pod Access to External Resources

Kubernetes workloads are ephemeral and their IP addresses are unpredictable. That makes it difficult, if not impossible, for Platform Engineering and IT Operations teams to manage and control access to resources outside of the cluster using traditional networking solutions. That’s because those tools can’t understand Kubernetes context like namespace, labels, or policies evaluating the traffic.

Get Fine-Grained Access Control to Any Endpoint

Calico Enterprise is a Kubernetes-native solution that can quickly apply network policies that make connecting k8s to external resources a simple process. Not every pod should be allowed access to any or all resources. Calico Enterprise automates network and security policy management enabling you to control k8s egress and define pod-level access to other databases, APIs, and applications, in your IT environment.

Make Your Kubernetes Cluster Production-Ready

Securely integrate your Kubernetes clusters with your existing data environments and make the successful transition from pilot to production. Calico Enterprise gives you the network security and policy controls to help your Kubernetes cluster adhere to corporate and regulatory compliance requirements. Migrate k8s applications into production at your own pace with confidence.

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