Now Available: Calico for Windows on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

Approximately one year ago, Kubernetes 1.14 made support of Windows containers running on Microsoft Windows Server nodes generally available. This was a declaration that Windows node support was stable, well-tested, and ready for adoption, meaning the vast ecosystem of Windows-based applications could be deployed on the platform.

Collaborating with Microsoft, Tigera leveraged the new Windows platform capabilities to create Calico for Windows, the industry’s first cross-platform Kubernetes solution to manage networking and network policy for Kubernetes deployments on Windows and Linux.

We are excited to announce that Calico for Windows now supports the latest Windows Dev Preview on the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (OCP). Built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Kubernetes, OCP v4 provides developers and IT organizations with a hybrid and multi-cloud application platform for deploying both new and existing applications on scalable resources, with minimal configuration and management overhead. OCP enables organizations to meet security, privacy, compliance, and governance requirements.

Calico for Windows is the only Kubernetes networking solution for teams using Windows on OpenShift. The combination of Calico for Windows and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform represents a major leap forward in productivity for organizations that are deploying Windows on Kubernetes. DevOps teams can now move Windows workloads such as .NET applications into a Kubernetes environment while Calico handles the networking and network policy across both Windows and Linux.

Calico for Windows also leverages a number of built-in Microsoft Windows Server networking features to deliver open networking interoperability and secure host-based policy enforcement, including host networking services (HNS), virtual filtering platform (VFP), and built-in border gateway protocol (BGP) support.

Calico is the industry’s de facto standard for Kubernetes networking and network security, having been integrated into all major Kubernetes distributions including offerings from AWS, Docker, Google, IBM, Microsoft, and Red Hat.

To learn more about Calico for Windows on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform and how it can help you to simplify, secure and scale your Kubernetes deployment, contact [email protected]


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