Active security for
containers & Kubernetes

Reduce attack surface, detect threats, and actively mitigate risk of exposure


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Active security for
containers and Kubernetes

Why Tigera?

Active security for cloud-native applications

Reduce attack surface with zero trust

  • Zero-trust workload access
  • Identity-aware microsegmentation for workloads
  • Universal firewall integration
  • Envoy-based
    application-level security

Detect known and unknown threats

  • Protect workloads from container and network based threats
  • Workload-based WAF, IDS/IPS with deep packet inspection
  • ML-based zero-day workload threat identification
  • Protection from vulnerabilities and malware

Automatic risk mitigation

  • Dynamic Service and Threat Graph
  • Security policy recommender
  • Admission Controller
  • Alert, pause, quarantine, terminate compromised workloads

Container security solutions

Container Security

Protect containers during development and production. Reduce attack surface with vulnerability and misconfiguration detection. Provide runtime protection from known threats and zero-day vulnerabilities.

  • Image assurance
  • Configuration assessment
  • Runtime security

Zero-Trust Workload Security

Reduce attack surface with zero-trust workload access and identity-aware microsegmentation. Prevent ransomware, APTs, and DDoS attacks with Calico Cloud workload-level security controls.

  • Zero-trust workload access controls
  • Identity-aware microsegmentation for workloads
  • Workload-based IDS/IPS, DDoS protection, DPI, and WAF


Cloud-native application compliance for major standards.
Continuously monitor compliance with daily, weekly, and monthly audit reports.

  • PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, SOC 2, NIST, CCPA, and any custom frameworks
  • Encryption
  • Evidence and audit reports

Observability & Troubleshooting

Monitor and troubleshoot service performance in real time. In case of a breach or vulnerability, get instant granular information on compromised services and evaluate blast radius.

  • Dynamic Service and Threat Graph
  • Performance hotspots
  • Dynamic Packet Capture

Calico product editions

Calico Open Source

Open-source networking and security for containers and Kubernetes

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Calico Cloud

Pay-as-you-go SaaS platform for cloud-native security

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Calico Enterprise

Self-managed platform for cloud-native security

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